Adelaïde is a family group and one of France’s leading insurance brokers; it is chaired by Jacques Verlingue,

along with two of his children, Audrey and Benjamin Verlingue.


The Group’s three businesses are run by: 

Jacques Verlingue, Gilles Bénéplanc – CEO,

Matthieu Havy –  Génération CEO and Jean-Sébastien Nénon, Cocoon CEO.

Adelaïde’s Executive Committee sets the Group’s keyvision and strategic priorities.

Its aim is to ensure long-term, profitable growth for Adelaïde and its businesses, in France and internationally.

Jacques Verlingue

Adelaïde Chairman / Verlingue Chairman

Gilles Bénéplanc

Adelaïde - Verlingue CEO

Audrey Verlingue

Adelaïde CEO

Benjamin Verlingue

Adelaïde Deputy CEO, Development

Matthieu Havy

Génération CEO

Jean-Sébastien Nénon

Cocoon CEO